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TECH.INSIDERS is robotized Threat Intelligence provider, which mission is to save your 48 hours per day of continuous threats detection and attribution.


We have collected biggest database of APT groups, hactivists, defacers as well as ransomware, malware and vulnerabilities database. The database is live, and constantly updated from different public sources and worldwide security news.


We feed security news from several hundreds of sources around the world, including national CERTs bulletins. We analyze texts of these news and link them with artifacts from our Threats database. This allows you to save time, quickly finding only the valuable news.


We aggregate IOCs from separate sources we find in the network, monitor them and combine into single IOCs feed. Deliver IOCs to your organization using either manual download, or API for Intrusion Detection/Prevention systems.

Threat Intelligence Platform

Single point of Threats information monitors hundreds of resources around the world, attributes posts to threat actors, malware, vulnerabilities.

So You are:

Capturing your threats faster

Aware of all the latest news about your Threats

Know about tactics change in hour instead of days

Easy to setup and maintain Risks Register

Saving 48 hours of manpower daily

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  • Basic Threats database
  • Tactics, techniques, procedures
  • Basic Malware database
  • CVE Database
  • Basic Security News
  • IOCs download
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  • Researcher plan, plus:
  • Threats by Domain and Geo
  • 24/7 pastebin leaks hunting
  • Threats references in News
  • CERTs bulletins
  • 8/5 Technical Support
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About Us

[email protected] insiders.tech

TECH. INSIDERS is innovative technology startup from the Republic of Belarus.

Porduct was born as a solution of problem of lack of Cyber Threats information as a baseline of Cyber Security Risks management framework according to ISO 31000.

And now, because of growing database and constant evolution of text processing robots, it raises value up, which we transform to tangible service.